The Amazing FITLY Team



Long time runner, elite climber, adventure racer, and 15+ years of extended all around web mastery.



Olag is our brand creator. With 25+ years of experience, Olag’s talent is almost uncontainable.



Ultra trail runner with 10+ years of successful high-end sports gear design, manufacturing and production.



Entrepreneur, business developer, and conductor, Jean-Marc founded FITLY determined to translate decades of Sports and Business experiences into awesome products!




For many of us, running is synonymous with freedom, personal time or what Sports Scientists call the beneficial act of Active Recovery (activating Cell B to better rest Cell A).  After decades of running, multiple Ironman and years of competitive triathlon racing, the need for a gear dedicated to short runs became abundantly clear. We surveyed the running community extensively, from Beginner to Pro.  The results overwhelmingly confirmed the need for FITLY.

After an intense year of research, FITLY was getting its first curves.  With the help of Experts, Designers, Engineers and a whole lot of head scratching and measurements put to the test, FITLY was born!  Today, not only FITLY is a reality but it beats all our expectations.  It is always a good sign when friend-runners ask to borrow your prototypes…

We hope that every time you take your FITLY out – hair loose, light strides and gentle breathing – you will enjoy it as passionately as we do!

Kickstarter will start in:


Keep me informed!


Creator of FITLY

Testing a prototype in the summer of 2017

FITLY will be fully disclosed on September 15th 2017. Sign-up to be kept abreast of the most exciting Kickstarter rewards, only available for the early birds.